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Cuando un pueblo llora y sufre por efecto dominó los gobernantes se convierten en dictadores

Cuando las lagrimas se sequen, los ojos se convertiran en odio

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A video showing the sacrifice of Egypt's martyrs for their revolution. The fight from January through to the present moment, against Mubarak, his police state, the army, and SCAF. Full list of the names of the fallen at the end of the film. Please share widely, and in solidarity.

Contains graphic material.

هذا الفيديو تحية لشهدائنا الذين ضحوا بأرواحهم حتى تنتصر ثورتهم و ثورتنا، ضحوا بآرواحهم لمواجهة نظام مبارك، و وزارة داخليته و مجلسه العسكري منذ يناير .و حتى الآن. بآخر الفيلم قائمة بشهداء ثورتنا -المعروفين منهم- منذ بدايتها و حتى اليوم.
نرجو منكم نشر الفيديو بشكل واسع.
و ثورتنا مستمرة

يحتوى على مشاهد صادمة.


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June 2006
As a principal sponsor of FIFA, Coca-Cola is keen to trade in on the World Cup's image of fair play and good sportsmanship. But many believe its business practices make a mockery of this reputation.

For thirsty fans at the World Cup, there's only one choice of soft drink available. Whether it's Coke, Sprite or Bonaqua, all the brands on sale belong to coca-cola. Many of theses drinks are produced in India, where Coca-Cola's business practices have elicited widespread condemnation. "The coca cola factory ruined my life," despairs one farmer. Producing 0.33L of coke requires 1L of water. In some villages near cola factories, water levels have dropped by 60m. Harvests have fallen by more than 40% because there is not enough water to irrigate fields. But Coca-Cola denies all responsibility. "We are not the problem", states spokesman Rajiv Singh. "There are simply too many people living here who are wasteful with water." Coca-cola also stands accused of pollution and union busting. Many workers in their factories receive around 50 cents for a 12 hour shift. They have no unions and sometimes receive no compensation for injuries sustained. As Bhagwab Das Yadav states: "All we want is for coca cola to respect India's labour laws."

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